Amoretti Bakery

Amoretti Bakery | Breakfast and Lunch to make you feel back home.

Family Tradition

Amoretti Bakery

Opening Hours

  • Martes y Miércoles 9am a 2pm
  • Jueves y Viernes 9am a 6pm
  • Sábados y Domingos 9am a 12pm


  • You can order and pickup in
  • 1417 Smith St Kissimmee FL 34744
  • Martes a Sábado: 8:30 a 6pm
  • Domingo: 8:30 am a 1pm

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Amoretti comes from the idea to enjoy a good bread baked them traditionaly like my family back home. At the begining I only cook between friends and neighbords whom now are clients that push me to sell our products to the public. So if you ask me what are Amoretti's main ingredients I have to say effort, perseverance, dedication and love, mixed with Venezuelan family tradition.

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Amoretti Bakery Cook

Meet our Baker

From litle I saw my parents and sibilings cooking. "I Love To Eat!" I love the kitchen and a good cook from my european decendance. I arrived to the United States knowing that the food was a litle different, specially the bread, is missing a particular flavor that I was used to. So that how Amoretti was born, from the idea to enjoy a good bread baked traditionaly like my family back home.

Guillermo Hernández.

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Si alguien se pregunta a que saben sus golfeados sin duda respondería: saben a Venezuela.


Excelente la calidad de sus cachitos y los panes mejor aún. ¡Los felicito!

Fabrizio Andara

Todo delicioso, excelente presentación y puntual. ¡Muchísimas gracias!


Tu pan es un manjar de dioses. Super delicioso y suavecito. Mil felicidades en verdad.


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